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Women on Wheels, Say What?

The Women On Wheels website is the online platform for Women On Wheels, a not-for-profit, international organization founded in 1982. The website provides information about the organization, its members, and its mission to promote a positive image of the motorcycling lifestyle for women.

The website outlines the inclusive nature of the organization, welcoming women of all ages, skill levels, and motorcycle types. It also emphasizes that male, female, and child support members are valued members of the Women On Wheels family. The organization aims to create a supportive community for female motorcycle enthusiasts and encourages family involvement through support memberships for spouses/significant others and children.

Visit the website and learn about the diverse membership of Women On Wheels, which includes riders from their teens to their eighties. The focus is on the members and the shared love for motorcycling, rather than on the specific make or model of the motorcycle.

Promoting A Positive Image of Motorcyclists

One of the key goals of Women On Wheels is to promote a positive image of motorcyclists to the non-motorcycling public. The organization was awarded the Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award in 1993 by the American Motorcyclist Association for this commitment.

The website also introduces the members of the Women On Wheels Board of Trustees, who hold various leadership positions within the organization.

In addition, the website features a page dedicated to the "Legend of the Frog." This amusing story explains the tradition of "frogging" within the organization, where members surprise each other with frog-related items as a sign of friendship. The tradition started in 1994 and has become a cherished aspect of Women On Wheels.

The club encourages visitors to become members of Women On Wheels by providing a link to a membership sign-up page. Other sections of the website include information about chapters, a calendar of events, and contact information.

The website does not specifically discuss motorcycle safety or common injuries in detail. However, it promotes a positive image of motorcycling and emphasizes the supportive community and shared experiences among Women On Wheels members. Motorcycle safety and the importance of wearing protective gear are often emphasized by motorcycle organizations, but they are not the primary focus of Women On Wheels' online presence.

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle safety is an important aspect of the motorcycling community, including Women On Wheels. While the Women On Wheels website does not specifically discuss statistics on motorcycle riders in Arizona and accidents, it is important to note that understanding and promoting safety practices is crucial for all riders.

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Injuries

In the state of Arizona, motorcycle accidents and injuries occur, like in any other state. According to data from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), there were a total of 2,841 motorcycle crashes in Arizona in 2019. Among these crashes, there were 182 fatalities and 2,535 injuries. These numbers highlight the importance of practicing safe riding techniques and following traffic laws to minimize the risk of accidents.

The ADOT report also provides details about the primary causes and contributing factors of these motorcycle accidents. Some of the common factors include failure to yield right of way, speeding, impaired driving (involving alcohol or drugs), and lane violation. It is essential for riders to be aware of these factors and take precautions to minimize their involvement in accidents.

To promote motorcycle safety, riders are encouraged to wear appropriate protective gear, such as helmets, gloves, jackets, and boots. Wearing bright, visible clothing can also enhance visibility to other motorists. Additionally, riders should ensure their motorcycles are well-maintained, with functioning lights, brakes, and tires.

Learn About Proper Safety

Obtaining proper training and education is another key aspect of motorcycle safety. Taking a motorcycle safety course can provide riders with valuable skills and knowledge to enhance their riding abilities and awareness on the road. In Arizona, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) offers courses for both beginners and experienced riders.

Furthermore, riders should always be mindful of their surroundings, anticipate potential hazards, and practice defensive riding. It is important to maintain a safe following distance, use turn signals, and be aware of blind spots.

While the Women On Wheels website may not provide specific statistics or focus extensively on motorcycle safety, the organization aims to foster a positive and supportive community for female motorcycle enthusiasts. However, it is important for all riders, including Women On Wheels members, to prioritize safety and engage in safe riding practices to minimize accidents and injuries on the road.

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